Road closure off B999 to Meikle Tillyeve (U26 C) for 5 days from Feb 21st 2022

The U26C between B999 and Meikle Tillyeve (see map link) will be subject to a closure from 21 February 2022 for 5 days to allow safe access for joint box works to be carried out on behalf of Openreach.

A signed diversion will be via B999 (Potterton), U27C (Hillbrae), U26C (Tillycorthie) and vice versa.

Please see link to map below.

F1988 Temporary Restriction – Form of Notification and Site Notice.pdf
F1988 Map.pdf

Get involved – Healthy Eating and Living on the menu for Aberdeenshire’s communities

Get involved – Healthy Eating and Living on the menu for Aberdeenshire’s communities

Staying healthy and well has been at the top of most people’s agendas for the last 22 months and a new project aims to make Aberdeenshire a healthier place to live, with a particular focus on healthy eating and keeping active.

The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) project is working with communities to make a difference here. Aberdeenshire Council Community Learning and Development Worker, Ed Garrett, said community involvement is key to the project’s success.

“The views, ideas and involvement of local communities are crucial to building on what’s already in place to help keep us well,” he said.

“We want to work with people to learn what keeps you well, what challenges you have and what needs to change, building on that information to help create healthier communities.

“We will be working with communities to produce an action plan around healthy eating and keeping active. The more we know about barriers or gaps which affect people’s ability to eat and live healthily the better we can work together to improve the situation for everyone.”

“Everyone has something valuable to say about what keeps them well, so I would encourage as many people as possible to participate to ensure the outcomes have the greatest impact. It is particularly important that we understand the barriers to healthy eating and affordable food for families.”

In particular, the project is seeking to find out:

• What keeping well means to you?

• How easy is it to eat healthily and keep active where you live?

• What activities and places in your community keep you well?

• What barriers are there to keeping well?

• What should be our priorities? What changes are needed?

• How can you be involved?

You can take part in an online survey at:

A series of online and, where possible, face-to-face engagement events will also be rolled out across Aberdeenshire.

You can subscribe to be kept informed and involved as the project progresses over the next few months.

Alternatively, contact Ed Garrett for further details, call (01467) 539758 or 07342 057699. You can also email: ed.garrett2

Methlick Cycle Challenge – Saturday 11th July


20, Jun 2021 at 12:17 pm · Filed under Notices

The Methlick Cycle Challenge cannot run without the volunteers in the background and we require marshals to cover some of the road junctions across the event route. In addition it would be beneficial to have a couple of trained first aiders that could provide initial assistance to any competitors requiring attention.

Please get in touch at

Road closure U30C Udny Green 05 July 2021

Please be advised that U30C at North Coullie, will be subject to closure from 05 July 2021 for 5 days to allow safe access for duct works to be carried on behalf of Openreach. An alternative route will be available via C31C (Cairnbrogie), A920 (Pitmedden), C34C (Udny Green), U30C, and vice versa.

Link to online map below.

F1873 Map.pdf
F1873 Temporary Restriction – Form of Notification and Site Notice.pdf

Join an online climate cafe about future changes to home heating and transport (and give your views)

Decarbonising heating and travel – Udny Climate Action to host free online events to hear the views of local people

Udny Climate Action is delighted to announce its collaboration with Community Energy Scotland to spread the word on Climate Change and what can be done on a local level.

Together we will be hosting an online Climate Café to start the debate within the local area and explore changes resulting from climate change. Aimed at residents within the Udny region, including Pitmedden, Udny Green and Tarves, people outwith the area would be very welcome to join. The Climate Café will be repeated across three different dates.

Community Energy Scotland recently reported that, in Scotland, fuels for heating accounts for approximately half of all energy use, with the remaining half split evenly between electricity and transport. While most of Scotland’s homes use mains gas, Udny and other rural communities use high emission fuels such as oil and LPG or old-style electric heaters.

Udny Climate Action will use the Climate Cafes to connect with the local communities to listen to what residents need and explore collectively potential changes in how we all heat our homes and how we could expect to be travelling in the future.

The free cafe will be run on the following three dates to give people a choice of when to join:

Saturday 29th May at 10am

Thursday 3rd June at 7-30pm

Tuesday 8th June at 2pm

Choose your date then sign up (free) at

Contact: Publicity Officer on behalf of Udny Climate Action, Hayley Yule at or on 0774703647

For further information about the online Climate Café visit-

Sent by Cllr Paul Johnston – For Information: Forthcoming Consultation on Proposed Traffic Regulation Order B999/Ingleside Pitmedden

 A consultation has started on a traffic order which, if approved, will open Ingleside to traffic on to the B999 at the Co-op opposite the school car park entrance.

People views are being sought.

RO_F_001 – Ingleside, Pitmedden.pdf


Please contact Udny Community Council for responses to the Council.

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