Pounds for Primaries: Udny Green is a winner.

Story courtesy of the Evening Express – 19 nov 2019

Schools across the north-east have been collecting tokens since September and those with the most won a share of the £15,000 cash pot.

Children, parents and teachers were also able to lend a hand in the contest.

Evening Express editor Craig Walker with Hamish Moats, Noah McDonald, Poppy Wark and their Udny Green classmates

The initiative was launched by the Evening Express and gave primary schools with a roll of more than 351 pupils the chance to win up to £2,500.

Those with between 151-350 pupils had the chance to receive up to £1,500 and those with under 150 children were awarded up to £1,000.

Teachers and pupils from Udny Green School were presented with a £1,000 cheque for their efforts.

Head teacher Wendy Gibson said the school already has a wish list.

She added: “I’m really proud the parents worked so hard as a team to collect all the tokens.

“It’s amazing we managed to get enough to come first.”

“We’re hoping to improve some of the school grounds with the money. We want to add a poly tunnel and we have a pond we want to renovate as well as purchasing various other things for the playground.”

“Thanks to everyone who helped to collect tokens and for your hard work, we’re delighted.”

Udny Green Primary School pupils celebrate their win

Pupil suggestions included spending the cash on new football goals and class trips.

Runners-up in the same category were Gourdon Primary and Sandhaven Primary, which both won £350.

Head teacher of Sandhaven Primary, Nicola Walker, said: “We were delighted to win the money but also very surprised.

“The community really got behind us, the local shop posted it on Facebook and it just shows what a small village can do.

“We’ve been chatting about how to best spend the money and one of our main improvement priorities is investing in maths resources.”

Sarah Shakespeare, chairwoman of the Together for Gourdon parent council, said: “We’re delighted to have won the money because we really didn’t expect to collect enough tokens.

“Gourdon is a small school so it was a real community effort and we had boxes in the village shop.

“We aren’t sure what we will do with the money yet, but we know whatever we use it on will benefit the pupils’ education.”

Author: Paul

Community worker and campaigner

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