Pitmedden Cycle Collective complete 400 mile challenge

Pitmedden Cycle Collective complete 400 mile challenge

Read more at: http://www.inverurieherald.co.uk/news/pitmedden-cycle-collective-complete-400-mile-challenge-1-4454368

The Pitmedden Cycle Collective have successfully completed their 400 mile charity cycle around the north coast of Scotland.

Read more at: http://www.inverurieherald.co.uk/news/pitmedden-cycle-collective-complete-400-mile-challenge-1-44543

The group started their cycle challenge in Inverness on Thursday, May 11 and returned five days later on Monday, May 15. They did the cycle in aid of St Andrew’s School in Inverurie. All the money they raise will be put to vital use by helping provide playground equipment, ipads, ear defenders, TV’s/ DVD players, bubble tubes and other interactive sensory equipment, as well as going towards small Christmas gifts for the children. The St Andrew’s School charity also pays towards the running of the school mini bus which it bought two years ago. Cyclist Stuart Wood’s son attends St Andrews School, he said: “It was one of the toughest, exhilarating cycling trips I have done, but also one of the most beautiful and scenic ones.” The team pedalled and endured around 400 miles with about 27,000ft of climbing and a small boat trip.

This was not an easy challenge by any means and whilst they had studied the route, worked hard at getting physically fit and planned for the adventure as best they could, no amount of preparation by these group of friends could have got them ready for the mental challenges that awaited them, especially the consistent steep uphill climbs on days two and three.

Whilst this unquestionably has been the hardest charity challenge yet cyclist Jenny Noble said: “By keeping the charity at the forefront of our minds as well as our target of £4,000 we were able to pull together, keep spirits up and stay determined and strong.”

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