Udny Community Trust Annual Meeting

Udny Community Trust logoUdny Community Trust Company Limited

Company Number SC367392
Scottish Charity SC043777


Notice is hereby given that an Annual General Meeting of Udny Community Trust Company Limited

will be held at Dr Spence Memorial Hall, Udny Green on

Sunday the 30th of October 2016 at 3.30pm

to consider and, if thought fit, pass the following resolution(s), which will be proposed as an ordinary resolution(s):-

1. To receive and adopt the Directors’ Report and Accounts for the year ended
th February 2016.
2. To re-appoint, subject to their agreement, Bain Henry Reid as accountants of
the Company and that the remuneration for their services as accountants and
otherwise be fixed by the directors of the Company.
3. To approve changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association
4. To appoint Directors.
In terms of Article 52 of the Articles of Association of the Company, the following
director retires by rotation but is eligible for re-election.
Matt Kaye
The following director is resigning from the board and will not seek re-election.
David Bell

A member entitled to vote at the above meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to
attend and, on a poll, vote instead of him. Such proxy need not be a member of the Company.

By Order of the Board

Forms and more INformation HERE



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