PhallHall AvaIlability

Due to changes and alterations to the groups/clubs that use the hall and new school term here is an update of times available for both the big and smaller hall for hire…..


  • Monday mornings and afternoons big hall
    And afternoon after 1pm for small hall
  • Tuesday small hall all day and big hall until 5pm
  • Wednesday evenings small hall
  • Thursday small hall all day. Big hall in afternoons from 1pm until 5pm

If any group/clubs/classes are interested in using the hall during these times please contact the email address and further Information can be provided. Usage of either hall includes use of kitchen,tables and chairs.

The hall as always will continue to be available for birthdays (not 18th/21st). Fundraiser events. Shows and more.

For availability you can view the online Calender.


OR EMAIL  Pitmeddenpublichall@gmail.com

There isn’t unfortunately space to store equipment if needed for a class.

If anyone is interested in getting involved in hall in any capacity please also get in touch as we are looking for people to fulfil voluntary roles.

Thank you.


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