North Lodge Park Changes – Formartine Utd.

Spectators who watched our friendly match on Sunday against Peterhead will have noticed a few changes to North Lodge Park. The ground staff have been working hard over May, June and July to provide a better viewing experience for all visitors to the ground.

Top of the list was the hardening of the areas surrounding the pitch. Ground staff member Ian Fraser commented “when it rained heavily those areas would get really muddy and flooded so a section of grass has been cut away next to the perimeter fence and hardcore gravel has been laid. The improved standing area means that it is easier for spectators to stand and not sink into the mud when the ground is wet underneath”.

Other areas that have been attended to during the summer include improving our drainage system under the pitch, better lighting inside the ground and car park, repairing parts of the car park and first and most importantly maintaining the superb playing surface.

Work is still carrying on to have everything finished before our first home game against Aberdeen u20s on the 2nd August.

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