A public meeting of the Pitmedden community took place 26th June in Pitmedden Hall to make some far reaching changes to the Pitmedden Park and Pitmedden hall management. the community owned and run ‘Trusts’ are to be abolished and assets and management transferred to a new Pitmedden Amenities Trust.

PhallThe meeting was called by the trustees of the Park and Hall.  Councillor Paul Johnston, a trustee outlined the need to changed the very old legal status of the two organisations. The old organisations could not properly function without new trustees and the trust required this to be approved by the ‘Order of Oddfellows, Bronie Lodge’ They were no longer in existence and had no legal successor organisation and therefore fundamental change was required to continue.

Pitmedden park is overseen by the Charity regulator, called OSCR. The meeting agreed to three decisions, all of which must have OSCR approval. The first was to set up a new Charitable trust with the same aims as the existing trusts but with a constitution that is up to date. this would be called Pitmedden Amenities Trust The meeting agreed that once this was done the existing trustees dissolve the Hall, then the Park trusts. Both would transfer their assets and money to the new charitable trust that would be then approved by a meeting of the public in Pitmedden.

Currently the hall is undergoing re-roofing of the kitchen and small hall areas and the toilets are being modernised. The hall finances are sufficient for the handover and to complete the work.

Pitmedden park is leased to Aberdeenshire Council and with the new lease that will be signed by the new Amenities Trust, the finances of the park will be sufficient to carry out the works planned. A project to provide a new pavilion and drainage is still ongoing and this will not change because of the new body.

The trustees of the hall, thanked  Eleanor Stewart and Diane Hopkinson for the huge amount of work put into keeping Pitmedden Hall running. With the changes to a new Pitmedden Amenities Trust, they are retiring from being treasurer and hall keeper and new arrangements will be made by the Amenities Trust. Both were presented with flowers.

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