Response to NHS Grampain Decision on dispensing

Bob Bamlett from Udny Community Council has responded to the decision of NHS Grampian as reported on Pitmedden News blog.
“The article is incorrect. Lord Docherty ruling was that the decision making process was flawed NOT the outcome. I may be mistaken but it would appear that NHS Grampian have been intimidated by the threat of further legal action from a group of pharmacists who view local people more like cash cows than patients.
“When it comes to the election in May everyone should remember how in the end all the parties that promised help then fell by the wayside.  In the end money talks to money and it invariably has the ear of decision makers.”
Bob Bamlett is a member of Udny Community Council and been involved in the joint meetings of the three community Councils that have acted as the main lobby for the community.

2 responses to “Response to NHS Grampain Decision on dispensing

  1. Malcolm Johnson

    Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath to use their skill to help their patients. Pity pharmacists are not required to take a similar oath. The Tarves pharmacists may or may not be nice people but their actions mean that they don’t care about the suffering and inconvenience of people. I for one will go to any lengths possible to ensure I never give them a penny of my money!

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