Dog Owners Be Aware –

Dog Owners Be Aware –

Recently at the shop in Pitmedden, a local dog owner had tied up their dog outside the shop. In the car park there was a van with 3 men inside, who came across to the shop. One entered the shop and the other two stayed outside beside the door. The man in the shop did not appear to be buying anything and appeared to be watching where the dog owner was in the shop. Fortunately the dog owner became aware of this and promptly left the shop and collected their dog. There may have been nothing to this incident but given the circumstances and their behaviour it gave the dog owner good reason to be concerned.

There have been instances in the area, at Balmedie, etc. where strangers have tried to lead dogs away when they are off their leads away from their owners. Similarly, there have been instances where gardens have been entered and dogs taken away. Please be aware this incident and keep any eye on your dog at all times, whether outside the shop, in your garden, or out walking.

If you are aware of strangers acting suspiciously, try and get a discreet photo of them and/or the van, or at least details just in case there are any instances of dogs going missing


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