Community Council agres to lodge response to legal move to end Pitmedden dispensing

Udny Community Council have, along with Tarves Community Council and Methlick CC received a citation in a legal case to seek what is a called a Judicial Review against NHS Grampian.  The Tarves Pharmacy is claiming that NHS Grampian should not have allowed Haddo Medical Practice at Pitmedden and Methlick to continue dispensing and told patients to use commercial Pharmacies such as Tarves Pharmacy who are paid to dispense NHS prescriptions.

The move which comes more than a year after the decision is because NHS Grampian had backed local people’s argument that sufficient local people faced serious difficulty in accessing  medicines if there was no dispensing in or around Pitmedden’s health centre.  The Tarves pharmacy is some miles away and would force people to make extra journeys.

Udny Community Council agreed to make representations to the Court and seek further legal advice.

Members agreed that the loss of dispensing at Pitmedden would be a severe blow to a wide part of the community.  This was an issue of considerable importance locally and that there should be no doubt that the Community would fight hard for dispensing to be retained and this should be known by NHS Grampian, MSPs and MPs.

The Community Council agreed that the financial interests of a private business should really not be allowed to pull apart local pharmacy services and GP provision against the Community interest.



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