Archie Foundation receives boost thanks to Udny Green pupil, Oliver

From the Inverurie Herald   Published on the 27 December 2013 12:25

Danielle Haley (CulterCullen P7), fundraiser manager Claire Bush, Oliver Constant (Udny Green p5)

Danielle Haley (CulterCullen P7), fundraiser manager Claire Bush, Oliver Constant (Udny Green p5)

Schools made a recent donation to the Archie Foundation after a joint fundraising ceilidh.

Udny Green and Cultercullen Primary School pupils gathered to present the charity with a cheque for over £400.

The P4-7 pupils, who go swimming together decided to raise the money for The Archie Foundation after one Udny Green School pupil, Oliver Constant had been staying in hospital for quite some time.

Udny Green School Head teacher Mrs Hogg said that there were lots of charities to choose from to help, but as Oliver has been in hospital, the schools opted to raise funds for The Archie Foundation.

Oliver features on the back of the booklet ‘High 10 for Archie,’ which sets out ten goals that the charity hopes to work on.

The pupils staged a ceilidh last month in the Udny Village hall where they raised £424.

Fundraising manager, Claire Bush collected the cheque from Danielle (Cultercullen school) and from Oliver who had returned to school to that day at a presentation last week.

She said: “I am so impressed, I cannot thank you enough. I am astounded that such a small school can do all this work.”

Claire went on to tell the pupils how the money will help the charity improve their 10 goals, some of which include Your Room – where the charity aim to improve rooms through bright colours and allow children to put up posters of their favourite bands and pictures if they are in hospital for a long period of time.

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