Formartine Utd. Not to be for 2013 title.

Formartine 0 Cove Rangers 2

Well it was a wet and dreich day for the showdown at North Lodge Park. Sadly it was just not to be the season for Formartine Utd.

It was entertaining football for a massive crowd getting wet under leaden skies. Both Formartine and Cove played well given the conditions. But Cove came out on top not only to snatch the match but also to steal the Highland League title from leaders Formartine.

So grim were the Conditions that the floodlights needed to go on at half time as the weather worsened in the grey gloom.

The pitch required forking at halftime as flooding in the centre of the pitch was making for some unpredictsble play. And the tractor was brought out later to extract spectator cars from the now waterlogged park used for the overflow car park.

Read the match report on

So it will be a summer break and back again next season. Formartine have proved they are a real force in the Highland league and under Steve Paterson can produce entertaining and winning football.

But the silverware cabinet will have to keep a space for the league title trophy until next season.

posted by Paul Johnston


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