Roof Power comes to Pimedden Hall

Pitmedden village hall has gone into the Power business – and the roof  has proved to be an asset.

The Hall trustees and Committee have install a 44 panel system to generate 10kwh of power in daylight.  The money came Kirkwood Homes and the planning gain obligation they gave to the village.  The extra housing that has been built in Pitmedden has brought pressure on the Hall usage meaning it was difficult to cope with the repairs and wear.  The Hall Committee decided to invest the windfall in in the energy scheme to generate power which will lower costs and bring in an Income to the hall to help with repairs and maintenance.


The 44 panel system on the South-South east facing roof of the village hall.

The energy generated, when not being used by the hall for heat and light is sold to the electricity grid and brings in an income for the Hall trust.  Up to 10kw can can be transferred and is subject to a grant from the Government’s Feed in Tariff Scheme or FITS.


Jamie McCaig (Left) of McCaig Renewables hands over the completed system to hall trustee Paul Johnston, (Right)

The roof has proved an ideal site for solar panels as it has almost perfect South south east facing aspect at 38 degrees pitch, with no obstructions of the sun from neighbouring buildings, trees etc.

“The Hall Committee took the decision to invest as it brought a long term solution to the hall and we had the advantage of the Government grant just now which  was only available at the economic rate until the end of January.” said Paul  Johnston  ” It will generate an income that will allow us to invest further in other needed repairs and improvements, such as a replacement for the flat roofed area to the rear.”


Jamie McCaig and McCaig Electrician, Murray, explain the benefits to hall Treasurer and Chairperson, Eleanor Stewart.

The works are part of a major Hall refurbishment program funded by the Planning Gain money from Kirkwood Homes and hall Funds.  This is a major turnaround from 4 years ago when the Hall was in severe financial difficulties with energy bills and was on the brink of closure if the resolution could not have been found with energy supplier British Gas

“Thanks for the major achievements in getting Pitmedden hall improved should go to Jillian Wood, Eleanor Stewart, Patsy Grant, Anne Grant, David Mutch and the others on the Hall Committee” said Trustee Paul Johnston. “The new Windows, disabled toilet the new kitchen and improvements,  as well- all the fantastic voluntary painting has turned things around”

Eleanor Stwart thanked McCaig Renewables for a great value job that was efficiently installed.


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