Its Close…but Terry is a winner even if he did not come first.

Terry – The Pitmedden Loon

The Pitmedden Bar was one of the very few places in the UK with a live link to US TV tonight as the final of the Voice reached its climax. Voting from the Monday night has been brisk and a massive turnout of voters downloading their tunes from the US iTunes site to vote. Its been nip and tuck in the charts between Pitmedden’s own Terry McDermott and the Series favourite Cassadee Pope.

The Pitmedden Bar will be mentioned in national media as locals gathered to have a drink – and watch the results program in the wee small hours of Wednesday Morning (Its still Tuesday night in the USA). Win or lose as the clock counts down its going to be a win for the Pitmedden loon. His exposure to massive audiences on US Television cannot help but to set him up for success.

American TV is hard to watch. Just when you think think something is going to happen they have a word from the advertisers… But in the end they still get the program out. 30 minutes stretched to an hour but it it still goes on. The music is hyped… but the class is still there. The set pieces are great performances. Even Terry McDermott would admit Cassadee Pope is a top draw act. He gave as good as he got though with the ballad, Broken Wings with pitch perfect vocals.

Terry came second in the programme, but was fantastic throughout. A real star. He will go far. He has got his American Dream even if the votes did not make him the Voice.

Everyone here in Pitmedden his proud of him.


3 responses to “Its Close…but Terry is a winner even if he did not come first.

  1. Yes Terry is a winner and the true Voice

  2. It’s a pity the way the voting is structured for those outside the U.S.-Because Terry is the true Voice

  3. He did such a great job! Thank you, Pitmedden, for sharing him with us. I’ll definitely be looking for his music. He made you all proud.

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