Big Doctors dispensing decision for Pitmedden and Udny – Tuesday 4th December, the Communities of Udny/Pitmedden and Tarves present to the Board of NHS Grampian to save dispensing of medicines at Pitmedden surgery. The NHS were going to stop allowing the Doctors to dispense and force residents to go to a pharmacist in Tarves (Who had complained) or elsewhere.

Udny Community Council. Tarves amongst others have got a presentation going to the NHS board to try and get them to change their mind.

Chris York (Tarves) and David Hekelaar (Tolquhon), along with Susan Drummond (Udny), Brian MacDougal (Udny) are going to Aberdeen and we hope to know the result of the efforts by tomorrow lunchtime. We are hopfeful, but it is a BIG thing to change the minds of the mighty NHS !!

Pitmedden News will give the whole story and is printing on Wednesday. Read all about it….

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