Terry makes it to Last 6 in top USA show.

Last night’s episode of ‘The Voice, USA’ the Top 8 were reduced to a Top 6. Coach, Blake Shelton had two horses in the race with Scottish rocker Terry McDermott and pop rocker Cassadee Pope. Both delivered risky performances the previous night, by choosing unexpected songs.

Were they rewarded for taking chances? Well yes…

It became clear early yesterday that Terry McDermott was No. 1 on the iTunes rock chart, so it  looked a good assumption that Terry would move on to the Top 6.

Those wily, sneaky producers. While it seemed like a foregone conclusion that McDermott’s domination of the rock chart would make him a sure thing for moving on, this is a TV show and drama is key even if producers have  to create some drama for ratings.

American viewers found out with 10 minutes left in the episode that McDermott was safe and sound and would continue to compete next week. Phew.

One US website has said “It’s an embarrassment of riches for Shelton, since both of his remaining team members could easily take the crown and win Season 3 of ‘The Voice.”

It’s worth noting that Terry McDermott has had chart-topping performances more than once.  Terry McDermott was No. 1 this week with his rendition of his coach’s hit ‘Over.’  In previous weeks he has US Itunes chart No 1 spot and even managed the number 5 chart spot with a song from the previous week of the competition.  Two US number ones for Terry.


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