Full Hall as Community shows concern for end to Dispensing at Pitmedden

All seats were taken and standing room only in Pitmedden hall last night, (14th November)  as concerns grew for loss a vital health service in Pitmedden.  Haddo medical group’s surgery in Pitmedden is due to have the dispensing of prescriptions withdrawn early next year following complaints from a local pharmacy in Tarves, which is already responsible for the closure of the Tarves  branch surgery.

The meeting, called by the Community Council was to gauge concerns and get the level of serious difficulty that people would have in accessing the pharmaceutical services, either by a pharmacist or even getting a prescription they could take to a pharmacy.

Many examples of serious difficult were expressed to the meeting.  The details of individuals circumstances are being recorded to illustrate to NHS Grampian reasons for reversing their decision.

The doctors surgery has already been given notice to stop dispensing and Dr Fiona Munro attended to brief people on what would happen if the time came to stop dispensing medicines at the Pitmedden Surgery.


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